Tuesday, 23 June 2015

early bird registration closing soon

Just a reminder

the early bird registration rate ends on the 30th of June,

also all the tables at the artists book fair have been taken making for a great fair. 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

tables at the artists book fair are almost booked out


if you intend to take a table at the artists book fair you will need to act soon, only a couple of tables are left. 

exhibitors at the artists book fair include

Lyn Ashby  Sara Bowen  Deidre Brollo  Penny Carey-Wells  Victoria Cooper - Centre for Regional Arts Practice  Marian Crawford  Caren Florance   Robyn Foster  Angela Gardner - Lighttrappress   the Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research   the Institute of Modern Art  Brad Freeman - Journal of Artists Books  Sheree Kinlyside  Clyde McGill   Anita Milroy  Adele Outteridge - Studio West End   Daniel Della-Bosca - QCA Gold Coast  Sheree Kinlyside - Red Rag Press  Tim Mosely - silverwattle bookfoundry  Doug Spowart - Centre for Regional Arts Practice   Wim de Vos - Studio West End

Thursday, 11 June 2015

whos participating in abbe ?

the conference  Lyn Ashby Sarah Bodman Sara Bowen Deidre Brollo Helen Cole Victoria Cooper Marian Crawford Daniel Della-Bosca Fiona Dempster Caren Florance Jenny Fraser Brad Freeman Angela Gardner Noreen Grahame Bridget Hillebrand Joel Lardner Marian Macken Tim Mosely Adele Outteridge Mikhail Pogarsky Doug Spowart Kym Tabulo Wim de Vos Gabriella Wilson books by artists Isaac Brown Fiona Dempster Angela Gardner Alannah Gunter Institute of Modern Art Cassandra Lehman-Schultz Heather Mathew Alison McKay Tess Mehonoshen Tim Mosely Naomi O’Reilly Adele Outteridge Mona Rider Rose Rigley Glen Skien Wim de Vos artists book fair Lyn Ashby Sara Bowen Penny Carey-Wells Marian Crawford Caren Florance Robyn Foster Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research Institute of Modern Art Journal of Artists Books Sheree Kinlyside Clyde McGill Anita Milroy QCA Gold Coast silverwattle bookfoundry    and more